Auction Method vs. Traditional Listing

There are distinct advantages and differences in each method of selling real estate property and equipment. There is one common goal shared by both the Auctioneer and Real Estate Professional: to successfully sell the real estate and meet the needs of the Seller. By understanding what each method has to offer, the Auction Company can evaluate the Sellers objectives and property potential to determine the most beneficial marketing plan for the Seller. Many properties are suitable for the auction method of marketing compared to the traditional listing real estate method -sometimes referred to as “private treaty” sales.

Auction Method

  • Marketing Plan Tailored for Your Property
  • Process Allows Price to Exceed Seller’s Expectations
  • Marketing Expenses Paid by Seller
  • Sold “As-Is, Where-Is”
  • Pre-qualified Bidders / Buyers
  • Predetermined Sale Date; Meets Seller’s Timeline and Builds Momentum for the Property

Traditional Listing

  • Marketing in a Portfolio with Many Other Properties
  • Typically Overpriced to Allow for Negotiations
  • Broker Typically Absorbs Minimal Marketing Fees
  • Post Sale Contingencies and Inspection Period
  • Possible Financing Contingencies and Marketing Delays
  • Sale Date Unknown; Buyer Determines Length of Marketing Timeline. Holding Expenses and Marketing Changes Become a Factor

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Now, more than ever, consumers expect good value and performance from the goods and services they purchase. The assets they have acquired are important to them and they want to be sure they are managed well.

Entz Auction and Realty Inc. understand the responsibility we have to both the Buyer and Sellers in the marketplace. Converting assets to cash, or cash to assets, is a critical process that should leave nothing to chance.

It is important to address all the issues from hiring the right Auction/Marketing Company to evaluating the tax and financial implications of the project. Entz Auction & Realty has the marketing experience and expertise to meet your needs and expectations.